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Ferrari 550 Barchetta Info
Ferrari 550 BarchettaHello again, well as you can guess this is a Ferrari 550 Barchetta So here you have it, the list of changes are as follows: 1) The car is now wider to give it a more meaty feel 2) The wheels are now wider, they do stick out a tad but i really ...
Grösse 685,0 KB
Datum 04.11.2005
Downloads 1576



Ferrari 355 Spider v2 FINAL Info
Ferrari 355 Spider v2 FINALHello again, well as you can guess this is my favourite Ferrari and i like you love driving it in SA. I did however in my first release fail to include the dummies like everyone craves (you know - roof scoop, vents etc !!!). Thus the model needed...
Grösse 876,0 KB
Datum 04.11.2005
Downloads 2044



Fiat Ritmo Info
Fiat RitmoHier haben wir fr euch endlich einen echt schnen kleiner Italiener vom Author GrzesieK. Wir hoffen euch gefllt das Car in GTA SA viel Spass damit....
Grösse 1,1 MB
Datum 02.11.2005
Downloads 1139



Ford GT40 Concept Info
Ford GT40 ConceptConverted to SA: LeeDFXP & Liam247 cheers to Yazu for this wonderfull model...
Grösse 562,0 KB
Datum 30.10.2005
Downloads 4624



Ferrari ENZO 2003 v.2 final Info
Ferrari ENZO 2003 v.2 finalSpecial thanks to for model ENZO for NFS:HS: KV12supercharged Ken Au Yeung...
Grösse 1.007,0 KB
Datum 25.10.2005
Downloads 12925



Ford Mustang Boss 302-1969 Info
Ford Mustang Boss 302-1969Der nchste Mustang... Polycount mit vier Wheels/Damage/Chassis_vlo : ca. 26.000 Faces/Polys...
Grösse 685,0 KB
Datum 17.10.2005
Downloads 11133



Ford Mustang Boss 429-1969 Info
Ford Mustang Boss 429-1969Und wieder einer ein Fubars schnen Mustangs Polycount mit vier Wheels/Damage/Chassis_vlo : 22.227 Faces/Polys...
Grösse 672,0 KB
Datum 17.10.2005
Downloads 6387



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